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A boy with a baby


 In Peru a 3 years old boy is going to be submitted to a surgery to take out his TWIN BROTHER fetus, which is INSIDE his belly, Cases like Isbac Pacunda's happen once in every 500 thousand borns, as said the case responsable doctors.
  This fetus weights 0,7 Kg and is 25cm tall, it was detected through exams of echography.Doctors explained that the fetus didn't even grow a brain, heart or lungs, but it had a scalp on his skull, bones of it's inferior and superior limbs and small bones in it's hands and feet.

  This boy lives with his family in a small village, of indians in the rain forest region of Loreto, he must travel 375 Km to the city of chiclayo to reach his destination and have the surgery.
 Source: http://br.noticias.yahoo.com ------------'''-------------

  I've always wondered if male people could have babies, this is the proof I was right, no matter if it's a case in 500 thousand. I've had several dreams of similar things happening to me, I think I might have a female side inside me, I mean, What male dreams of having a baby ? what the fuck man. I'm out

 See ya

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to school!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kinect for PC

                         Kinect sensor will come to the PC on february 1st

   So there is a rumour that Microsoft is bringing Kinect officially for PC, I say officially because there is tons of mods out there that actually use PC interface to "play with it ".
   What would this bring to the PC users ? Imagine not using your mouse and just using the TIP of your fingers to move the cursor around, drawing, playing games, simulating things, this would be an awesome increase in utility of the computer.
   Though while writing this I just noticed, HOW would we type ? This is a problem probably, stay with hands on keyboard then suddenly be waving around like a stupid person just to click the X close button up there would be stressfull. 
   Yea I just made this comparisson to show that it's not that easy to think about kinect for PC, it's just not made from the principles to it.Of course I hope it's awesome, but these people that are like " OH MY GOD KINECT FOR PC, IT'LL BE...OH MY GOD!" and are annoying as hell. PLEASE STOP IT.

   Some sources say that microsoft officialy will release it on 1st of february, for U$249, 100$ more than the original version.

   Thing that is interesting is the "Near mode" that recognizes everything that is in reach of 50 cm of the sensor, without ANY change in dimensions, isn't that cool ? 
   To the XBOX 360 owners, bad news, your kinect won't have that feature.Haha.

Most likely this new kinect is directly connected with Windows 8, since it's a WHOLE different design of operational system coming. But we will all see about that on the 1st of February.

Thanks guys, cya


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lack of Mana

This is why they should do a live action skyrim

I wish I could do that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Again, asian people.

They never cease to amaze me.


Just being Asian

These asian people, urgh.

Choosing your course

This once was a very doubt in my life, actually it still is, and I don't want you to pass the same suffer i'm passing right now ! Hope this helps !

These are 3 steps to help you choosing your course in college.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sony Discography released by Anonoymous

IOS 5.0.1, Battery drainer


A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices,” an Apple spokesperson told The Loop. “We have found a few bugs that are affecting battery life and we will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.

 iOS 5.0.1 came to fix this battery drainage issue but all in vain as Apple’s discussion forums are all filled with the complaints of battery glitch in new OS. Some of the users said that upgrade to new OS is more worst than the iPhone’s battery life.

 It's known, the fact that Apple accepted that there are some battery drainage issues with iOS 5. Most of the iOS 5 users complained about this issue then Apple took notice and issued an update to resolve that issue. But things doesn’t seems to be good for Apple because some of the users are still having issues with battery even after update OS to 5.0.1.

I did some tests myself with my gadget, 100% of times before upgrading to 5.0.1, my battery lasted, AT LEAST 2 days, playing sometimes, listening to music full time.Then I upgraded to 5.0.1 and simply my battery got sucked off my device in a couple of hours, I had to STOP using it to reserve battery to go walking home listening to music when I finished what I was doing in some place.

This is unnaceptable for devices that usually it's batteries lasted 3-4 days using constantly.So for you apple users, that have a Idevice, being it a Iphone or Ipod Touch, DO NOT upgrade it to 5.0.1, most of the users complain about this very issue discussed in this article, don't even bother, the 5.0 is bad but it's still better than the newest one.

I'm going to full restore it and go back to 5.0, if anyone else is in the same situation that I am, roll it back aswell, that's my advice.

A couple of comments:

"I had no problems with the battery on my new 4S, but decided to accept the "update" to 5.01. Now my battery is draining at approximately twice the previous rate with the same usage pattern. My normal usage pattern would drop me to perhaps 85% battery life left. Now the same usage pattern brings it down to 40%! I charged it up overnight, looked at one email this morning for 5 seconds, and it slipped down to 99%. You need to fix this immediately, Apple."

"Before the 5.0.1 update I actually didn’t have any battery problems on my iPhone 4S. But thanks to this update I now seem to have one, too :-( The phone was charging over night and I was already wondering that it displayed 98% when I unplugged it this morning, normally it would display 100%. And now after 20min of use (reading some news on the bus) and 1h 26min of standby, it is already down to 92%. 30min before now it was still at 94%. Up until yesterday it was at 97-98% at this time of day. Apple, maybe you fixed some battery problems, but you seem to have introduced new ones, too!"

This is it for now guys, thank you and have a good night.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Two weeks left

Finally, unfortunatly, my vacation is almost over, 2 weeks from it. In february my classes come back again and I'm happily, thank you, proud to say that I'm nowhere near anxious for it. Usually when you're in high school you get all nervous and anxious for your return from vacation, when you get to college, ha, friend, thats another story. You know that your painful journey of college work, exams and essays are coming closer and closer and you just can't stand the fact you will soon be on that same routine again and again. The routine of College, at least in Brazil it's pretty much boring and hard, the movies show the opposite on the USA.

The USA's colleges look like fun all the time, 24/7, sex and partying all the time non-stop. That was my dream, to study in a USA's college, to live like in the movies, but I think that's far away for someone who lives in Brazil.

college partying
College partying

Lately I was pretty bored with my course, Biology, passed 1 year and I didn't feel that hard-on when thinking about something you love to study, hence why I'm thinking in changing my course. Maybe psycology people say it's the best for me.

So I hope this semester is better and shows to me I love biology, otherwise I'm damned.

Thank you for reading and that's it for now guys


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Insect Vehicle Insurance ?

Yesterday I hit a plant vase in my house with my beloved Fusca.I'm not a bad driver tho, wanna know what happened ? as I was entering the garage and some BEE came inside my car through the window and simply mashed agains't my face causing me to lose attention and consequentely turn the car over to the right, hitting the vase, isn't that beautiful guys ? ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL ?


So after that happening, and both my parents not believing me, I had to let the car to the mechanic repair. It's going to be 1000$, for a whole new painting.And guess what I don't have over the Fusca ? Insurance. Vehicle Insurance.

I hit a effing vase, got charged for 1000$, because of a bee, and I don't have an insurance. Isn't that fabulous ? Next thing I'm going to do now is search for vehicle insurance here in Brazil, I can't  afford anymore bees entering and hitting my face.

There should be an INSECT DAMAGE VEHICLE INSURANCE, but no, of course that doesn't exist.

Cheers guys, I'm pissed.

The Line

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


As an Act of Internet Patriotism, i'm doing this post about what is happening right now, since I have some hundreds attention now.

Don't  know if you are aware but the internet you are used to visit, is in a crucial danger for change, and for ULTRA worse. The SOPA will limit your use probably entirely of it, you should immediatly know about what is going on through the SOPA STRIKE website


There you can read about what exatcly is going on and learn about the situation, please pick your seat and help us combatting this horrible threat from the goverment.

The internet thanks your help.

Websites on it:


Monday, January 16, 2012

Legs Went Numb

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No more insurance

A GPU.A graphics card from NVIDIA

So, I didn't tell you guys i've had stories of broken computer parts that just randomly fix themselves from a day to another right ? There we have it, my GPU, for you that don't know, Graphics Processing Unit, was given broken yesterday, tried of everything. Nothing worked. Nothing.

Then today I was with my friend and I joked about this exact thing of my pieces of computer always ressurrecting from the dead, we joked, laughed and I said "hey, let's go there, I bet it will work now, haha!"

We got upstairts, I did some here and there installations, took out some cables to fit the GPU in, and after 3 resets of not working display, guess what happened ? the GPU just started working. Isn't that magical guys ? do you have any thoughts on this ? apparently I won't be needing the insurance anymore !

If you have any tips about what happened please let me know

See ya,


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dating Services

Good morning fellow followers, reddit users, etc.Today i'm here to talk about Online Dating Services.

For you that is desperate for having a good partner, or at least someone to cuddle you when you need some love and stuff like that, there is no better way than Online Dating Services ( of course there is but i'm making a point here.)

Ever felt uncomfortable near to a women that you feel attracted to ? can't express yourself well with those dates ? Do you feel anxiety of just thinking in going in a date ? Then you're the type that would go pretty much well in Online Dates.

Online Dating is good because it gives you the possibility of chatting through the internet, meaning you can have more time to plan your answers, therefore having a better ending result. What can be better than that ? a lot of things but we're not here to talk about the other things.

First you should pre-set your settings for the place you are, the state, and near cities.After that you should be in the online dating server personal information settings, putting up some of your personal info and stuff like that.

Finally you should be able to start the conversations with your near partners, and let's hope for the best of that.

After estabilishing a relationship with your partners, it's time to move on to the next step and ask her or him to a date, the main purpose of all these websites.These people you talk to, not only are like you, but share the same interests that you do, just for being in that site, you see, everybody there wants a date mhm.

Then after all the online working out of phrases, catching phrases, pick up lines and all that dating crap, you should be able to at least have a conversation pre-defined with that partner, that's what online dating good part is, the online conversations.

A good website for reviews of those kind of websites is
And there are the free ones, which obviously may be a bit worse like
and others.

So guys get your grinds up and starting dating, nobody wants to live alone in this world!

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm beautiful now !

Hey guys, did you like the new looks of this place ?  I turned that ugly simple thing in this new modern gay-ass interface ! you can see the most popular comics up there, on that slidy cool thing, isn't that pretty ahm ?

Well, hope you've loved it because I did, if you didn't, well, too bad. : D

Due to requests next post will be in relationship section, about online dating. Soon will be writing it up !

See ya guys !

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dedicated Hosting

So guys, first i would like to thank you for the your kindness for reading, commenting, following and viewing my comics, posts, everyday ! you've made me reach 5k views !that's amazing!! And the best step from here i guess is to buy a domain, so you can find me easier on google and be actually more pretty, and stuff like that.

Since i'm alredy talking on this matter, i will explain what is and why i should do that.

Dedicated Hosting - What is 

For starters, having a dedicated server basically means I have a whole server in my hands. Meaning that I can do whaterver I want to this website, and stuff like that, of course it'll be a property of google tho, since it is a blogger. It is not shared with anyone, like these that are mostly used. It includes a choice of operating system and is better in matters of privacy and having full control over it. And of course i'll buy a .com domain, so it servers me better.

Cheating in school

So I've found this article about cheating, and i really thought it was interesting, because i can argue about lots of affirmatives in these 5 topics below. I think cheating might be good sometimes, it's your way to win the life game you know.Just thoght it was interesting to give it a read.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is in brazil, obviously.

Caps: " I said it was going to be shit."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 3000 Views ! Friendzone

I'm so glad you keep revisiting my beloved Blog, commented and reviewed my comics, thank you followers. To show my appreciation for your appreciation i made this post about Friendzone.

So this is all about it, you think you're the best nice guy ever, you have the best personality, intentions and pretty much your lookings are average right ? Yea that's basically what you think. And what more do you think ? you think " oh she must love me, she can't not love me" because you're that nice guy and all that.But curiously your dream-girl seem to be attracted by other guys, other guys that for you are complete jerks and will just fuck her and go away, isn't that what it seems ? thats not only what it seems, but what happens.

Women do not want you because you're a nice guy, no matter how much they say "why are men all the same". They fucking LOVE it.No matter how nice you are to your dream-girl, unless you start pissing her off and pretending you don't care, you won't get it to the panties, thats what life taught me.So all those stories that women only want jerks, are not only stories, but the truth.

And if you my friend, feel identified with those things i just said, you pretty much ARE in a friendzone, or have been in a couple of times.And sorry to say my friend, but you're fucked. It's not you, it's them.

Some people asked me to start posting about relationship, and tips about it. So for the 3k views i will start doing little tips, little love stories for your guys to improve your lifes in that matter.

And always remember: "You're my friend, I don't see us being partners." That's bullshit. What they are saying is basically " You're ugly, I don't feel attraction for you." No doubt, if they say it's not, it's hipocrisy.

Now back to the subject of this post, Friendzone is something usual, happens to both sides, male and female, when the opposite sex individual does not match the other's preference of beauty, etc. For instances, your fat girl friends, they are all just friends for you, aren't they ? Yea you got it.

Not saying that women only see you in your outside. Much the opposite, they are attracted to your ACTIONS, the way you move, speak, breath, walk, etc. It's a difficult matter, to get out of the "friendzone" once in it, not impossible tho. There are some of these actions i just talked about, that if changed, can change the way "Mysteriously" of the girl seeing you.I know several cases of guys that suddenly just got tired of their beloved girl friends and they suddenly got out of friendzone, weird isn't it ?

So guys, don't give up on your dreams and keep chasing these women, no matter how they say you're their friends, there is no such thing. Attraction is Attraction

Monday, January 9, 2012


So who hasn't been in a eletro party and the songs playing were pretty much all like each other ? Well I've been, so I was pissed about it and i took the time to illustrate it for you ! Get pissed off with me.
Comic about being in a boring party with all-alike musics

Your college dorms

If you’ve just graduated from high school and are preparing for what might be your first year of college dorm life, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. You may be facing the first time you’ve ever shared a room, especially with someone to whom you’re not related.

Youtube commenters in less than 1 minute.

So guys good morning, to start the day with good humor I want to show you this awesome video I found today.I didn't do it tho, it basically is ALL of you, youtube commenters represented in 40 seconds of flash animation. Have fun ! Never been so true. Haha.

The guy in the main pic of the video beneath is Brazilian.

Youtube commenters

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Floods on Brazil

It's well known that brazil is the country of waters and etc. But what does that matter if the population doensn't take care of those waters ? lately all brazil and all the rest of the world hears in the news is that it is suffering from floods, and floods, and catastrophes of all kinds.Except for vulcans, because we don't have those in here, but i bet if we had, they would probably be exploding aswell, I BET!
I'm particulary tired of going out my home and the streets are filled with water because of the bad management by part of the mayor and stuff. I can't even imagine CAN'T go out because my street is 1 meter of water, and that's what been happening on Minas Gerais, here on brazil.

People's houses are all flooded and they lost lots of expensive things such as televisions, laundry machines, video games, etc. And as if that wasn't enough, here in brazil everybody has the great habbit of being a horrible person, and basically what's been happening is that when the floods occur, hundreds of stupid vandals from everywhere go and pillage the houses. Isn't that great?  We have floods and crime.

I hate my country.
 About floods in brazil, a disaster ocurring lately.

New name again.

Ok guys, "the cup noodles" was too confusing to find on google and friends told me this name you see up there is better, access here via www.cuponooddles.blogspot.com Please leave comments about what you think of this name.

Sorry for the lack of posting, i was in a trip.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trouble at college ?

 Many college students are in serious trouble and don't even recognize it. They think that nothing is really wrong, that everyone else is in the same boat, or that college is just supposed to be hard.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This image is about blue screen of death and anger about it, F1
When this happens.



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Learning this

So i'm finally getting the hang of it, Blogging, as you can see my blog is much more beautiful to your little eyes and it is more pleaseant to be here, ain't it ? with those things on the top that direct you to your reading destiny, and all this fruity stuff i just put in here.I hope you have a nice time in here and i'll keep posting daily, about life, comics, education and even informatics soon ! Keep it up guys !Your comments make me active !Here, have a horse
Oh yea, and finally i thought of a good blog name.

Choosing your college

Learning this Every course and every university is different, and each student wants different things, so the chances of finding a perfect match is not that high, despite the 150 or so universities and university-level higher education colleges, and the huge range of courses that are available. You will almost certainly end up having to decide what is most important to you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tips for you to study

So you think you're like me and doesn't know how to study ? i managed to get you a couple of tips so you can be more effective and feel better about yourself while doing your famous last hour study to your final exam, here we go !

"Make notes from lessons the same day. Use codes for difficult topics. For long sentences use abbrevations."

Wildgirlfriend appeared

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Rebecca Black "Person of Interest" (Brock's Dub)



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To finish the day, followers.

Arrow to the knee

To my fellow Skyrim fans.

Beach 2012