Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Polyphasic Sleep Tips and Truth

   So today we have no comics ( sorry guys ).

   Today we'll talk about poly phasic sleep, why ? because I just joined this bandwagon of people trying to get the hang of it. Why ? because it is said that the ones who achieve the poly phasic sleep schedule see considerable improvement on one's life. Such as improved awareness and reflexes, other thing said about the ones who accomplish such matter is that your days, your life actually, becomes considerably longer and "slower" since you have much more time to do anything you need to. Berman's adepts often say that they feel like a superman, like the word says " uberman" from the German, superman, because the world looks like it is in constant slow motion for them, which is great, imagine that if the world was in slow motion for you ? I would keep dropping things and getting them from falling on the floor all the time, like Spiderman or some shit.

   Now I'll tell you about my personal experiences about this poly phasic sleep attempt. And I'll be doing this on this website in the section of " thoughts " you can check it out, I'll try to update it as often as I can.

   For those that want to test it, I'll say already, it's very hard in the beginning, you won't sleep well, and most likely you won't sleep at all. I've been on it for 3 days now and the first 2 days I couldn't manage to sleep on the 20 minutes nor the 3 hours naps, in Everyman 3 (see further on the post about it). I had Insomnia and felt really bad and irritated in the first two days, stood in the bed for 3:45 hours until I finally slept, which was bad because my alarm was almost up.Now, on day 3, I feel more comfortable with the schedule, mainly because I started working out, not to get shaped for the girls, but to get tired enough to sleep anytime I want, that there is a good tip for you who might start, do something that exhausts you during the time you're awake, being relaxed all day will only diminish your chances to sleep well in the first weeks. This night I actually slept, but stood 1 hour in bed rolling before sleep, which is better than 3:45, right ?  and had my 20 minutes naps during the day, which is a great improvement since I never had those.

   So my tips for you, are, go REALLY slow on it, don't get stressed out if you're not getting into sleep in the first days in your programmed schedule. Do something for your body to get exhaust while you're awake and don't give up just because you can't sleep well for starters. Right now I'm feeling great as I type this.

   But mind that, I'M NOT USING THE UBERMAN SCHEDULE, I'm using the Everyman 3, which is a lighter schedule than Uberman's poly phasic sleep, since it's inflexible and I needed some flexibility, because well, I have a life.

   Of course, everything in life have a bad side, EVERYTHING, and this poly phasic sleep thing isn't exception there are major studies in psychology about the collateral effects of this poly phasic sleep schedule. Because certainly there must be some bad circulatory events that happen in your body when you change your biological clock.

   The human body is "programmed" to only understand mono phasic or biphasic sleep, meaning that this poly phasic sleeps are not welcomed by our body, which is true, since we are living this way for mileniums.Then, one's can be diagnosed as a sleep deprived person when attempting the schedules, causing some mental and body disorders, such as depression.Most population sleeps in a mono phasic pattern, but some sleep in biphasic, since nowadays you must be a much more active person than some years ago, due to technology and economy today. Some individuals can even learn to sleep 3-4 hours.And mostly poly phasic sleep is being seen as bad thing that puts your body and mind crazy.

   Here are some myths about Poly phasic sleeps, according to a huge article about it.

  • most animals are poly phasic and so must be humans 
  • adaptation period is hard but it ends at some point
  • poly phasic sleep saves you time
  • poly phasic naps are REM-only 
  • you are more alert if you sleep polyphasically
  • you are more productive if you sleep polyphasically
  • you lose weight on the poly phasic sleep schedule (opposite may happen)
  • poly phasic sleep is healthy
  • long naps are bad for you
  • many naps are better than one nap even if you are not sleep deprived 
  • Claudio Stampi recommends poly phasic sleep to everyone
  • poly phasic sleep maximizes the amount of REM an individual gets

  While writing this I actually was reading an article about poly phasic sleep myths and truths, and I must say that I'm quite uncouraged now to continue it.

   In that link it is all the information you need about poly phasic sleep and probably after reading all that you'll be like me and won't even think about it.

For further information go to  :



Anonymous said...

You're far too easily swayed with zero research. No really, don't believe information without it having a proper source to the study. And install a spell checker, you're all over the show.

Anonymous said...

no comics :(

Anonymous said...

It's just changing a habit you've had for most of your life. Adjusting the sleep cycle is very much possible, but difficult.

Anonymous said...

I actually change my sleeping patterns very often, not that hard.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. Pretty cool blog you got here! But still, I prefer the ones with the comics.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, I've tried this method myself.

It works if you have the discipline to keep to your naps, which is easier said than done.

Dropping off for 20 minutes and then waking up is like cancelling masterbation halfway through- every instinct screams not to at first.

Overware said...

Thanks for the nice article about this. I might try it out.

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