Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colorado University and lack of posts

Hey guys,

First off, There will be a new comic tomorrow, if Odin wants it. Sorry I haven't posted anything in the past 19 days, I've been busy trying to pass the exchange program in my college to go to Colorado Tech ( CTU ), studying my life out of it.Apparently it's the best place where I can archive my ambitions and so be a good professional. If that happens, obviously, I will have to move to colorado in order to be able to study in Colorado Tech, that means that there will be a period of inactivity here on the website so I'm just advancing that to you. I know that Colorado has nothing to do with my current course, which is psycology, but I'll be doing something that pleases me a lot, studying computer engineering and science, it's just a short-period course so it won't be too long until I start posting comics again, only if that happens, obviously.

But that's it for now guys just letting you good boys and girls know what is going on inside Comis Please and have a nice day, or night, or whatever you're having.

                                                                        Have this picture.


Vague Raconteur said...

No problem man, just update when you can!

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