Tuesday, February 28, 2012

College course change, delay in comics

Hello beautiful people,

   First I would like to say I'm sorry and I DO KNOW that I'm lacking comics with you guys, things are going hard and heavy here in my life and I'm not having much time to put effort on here you know.The reason for that is that I've recently changed my college course, yes, the college course. It sounds a bit weird but in Brazil that's very common, students often don't feel satisfied with the course they choose and end up changing it since we're forced to choose one when we turn like seventeen or something like that, some older some earlier.
   In my humble opinion that's perfectly normal and should be adressed as a common thing by the students' parents, thing that didn't happen in my house since my parents thought I was dumb and at first they told me to do two college courses at the same time, the one I was doing and the one I'm currently on. I can't imagine that working, I really can't.
   But I was just full of Biology, it was cool and all, but I wasn't feeling that hard-on when thinking of messing with animals, enviroment and other stuff that biologists do, plus my desire in biology college course was to understand and work with snakes and spiders, thing which the university I was in didn't provide, it was focused on sea biology, which is not of my likes.
   Right now I'm doing Psychology and I can say by far that I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with it in 2 weeks than in 1 year with Biology. Both in the same university, same enviroment. What can I say is, well, when in class time goes much faster, haha.
   So yea that's the main reason for why I'm not being able to provide you with new and good quality comics, I hope you're not mad at me and I'm providing you one today ! I promise !, ( if university doesn't consume me of course. )

Here have a university picture.

                     university in japan


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