Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beach 2012

So, i've been dragged to the beach this time to the new years eve, not to say it wasn't cool, it was, tho i hate beach and hate the monkeys that habbit in there, we're talking about brazil here. Blah blah blah fireworks blah blah carnaval blah blah nakedwoman, yea, thats basically all i get in here through March.
So i wish a happy beggining of the end of the world to you, my 2011 was good, could be better and i hope my 2012 is awesome, i want a yacht. 


D22 Zone said...

That yacht does look pretty sweet I got to say! Millionaire lifestyle! :P

Anonymous said...

Don't we all XD

Vulcan Raven said...

aqui onde eu moro nem rolou praia. só choveu. ahuahuahua

BragonDorn said...

Awesome boat!

Anonymous said...

I live in brazil and I couldn't see any naked woman ;/ I gotta know what beach youre talking about.

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