Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm beautiful now !

Hey guys, did you like the new looks of this place ?  I turned that ugly simple thing in this new modern gay-ass interface ! you can see the most popular comics up there, on that slidy cool thing, isn't that pretty ahm ?

Well, hope you've loved it because I did, if you didn't, well, too bad. : D

Due to requests next post will be in relationship section, about online dating. Soon will be writing it up !

See ya guys !


Alucard0691 said...

Looks cool man!

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful! dont let them tell you otherwise! I know you are a strong big beautful black women :p
-college speed

Anonymous said...

Ooh, black woman name Andy? I am not sure I like were this is going... But yeah, this design looks great. Simple but great.

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