Friday, January 27, 2012

Kinect for PC

                         Kinect sensor will come to the PC on february 1st

   So there is a rumour that Microsoft is bringing Kinect officially for PC, I say officially because there is tons of mods out there that actually use PC interface to "play with it ".
   What would this bring to the PC users ? Imagine not using your mouse and just using the TIP of your fingers to move the cursor around, drawing, playing games, simulating things, this would be an awesome increase in utility of the computer.
   Though while writing this I just noticed, HOW would we type ? This is a problem probably, stay with hands on keyboard then suddenly be waving around like a stupid person just to click the X close button up there would be stressfull. 
   Yea I just made this comparisson to show that it's not that easy to think about kinect for PC, it's just not made from the principles to it.Of course I hope it's awesome, but these people that are like " OH MY GOD KINECT FOR PC, IT'LL BE...OH MY GOD!" and are annoying as hell. PLEASE STOP IT.

   Some sources say that microsoft officialy will release it on 1st of february, for U$249, 100$ more than the original version.

   Thing that is interesting is the "Near mode" that recognizes everything that is in reach of 50 cm of the sensor, without ANY change in dimensions, isn't that cool ? 
   To the XBOX 360 owners, bad news, your kinect won't have that feature.Haha.

Most likely this new kinect is directly connected with Windows 8, since it's a WHOLE different design of operational system coming. But we will all see about that on the 1st of February.

Thanks guys, cya



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