Sunday, January 15, 2012

No more insurance

A GPU.A graphics card from NVIDIA

So, I didn't tell you guys i've had stories of broken computer parts that just randomly fix themselves from a day to another right ? There we have it, my GPU, for you that don't know, Graphics Processing Unit, was given broken yesterday, tried of everything. Nothing worked. Nothing.

Then today I was with my friend and I joked about this exact thing of my pieces of computer always ressurrecting from the dead, we joked, laughed and I said "hey, let's go there, I bet it will work now, haha!"

We got upstairts, I did some here and there installations, took out some cables to fit the GPU in, and after 3 resets of not working display, guess what happened ? the GPU just started working. Isn't that magical guys ? do you have any thoughts on this ? apparently I won't be needing the insurance anymore !

If you have any tips about what happened please let me know

See ya,



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