Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 3000 Views ! Friendzone

I'm so glad you keep revisiting my beloved Blog, commented and reviewed my comics, thank you followers. To show my appreciation for your appreciation i made this post about Friendzone.

So this is all about it, you think you're the best nice guy ever, you have the best personality, intentions and pretty much your lookings are average right ? Yea that's basically what you think. And what more do you think ? you think " oh she must love me, she can't not love me" because you're that nice guy and all that.But curiously your dream-girl seem to be attracted by other guys, other guys that for you are complete jerks and will just fuck her and go away, isn't that what it seems ? thats not only what it seems, but what happens.

Women do not want you because you're a nice guy, no matter how much they say "why are men all the same". They fucking LOVE it.No matter how nice you are to your dream-girl, unless you start pissing her off and pretending you don't care, you won't get it to the panties, thats what life taught me.So all those stories that women only want jerks, are not only stories, but the truth.

And if you my friend, feel identified with those things i just said, you pretty much ARE in a friendzone, or have been in a couple of times.And sorry to say my friend, but you're fucked. It's not you, it's them.

Some people asked me to start posting about relationship, and tips about it. So for the 3k views i will start doing little tips, little love stories for your guys to improve your lifes in that matter.

And always remember: "You're my friend, I don't see us being partners." That's bullshit. What they are saying is basically " You're ugly, I don't feel attraction for you." No doubt, if they say it's not, it's hipocrisy.

Now back to the subject of this post, Friendzone is something usual, happens to both sides, male and female, when the opposite sex individual does not match the other's preference of beauty, etc. For instances, your fat girl friends, they are all just friends for you, aren't they ? Yea you got it.

Not saying that women only see you in your outside. Much the opposite, they are attracted to your ACTIONS, the way you move, speak, breath, walk, etc. It's a difficult matter, to get out of the "friendzone" once in it, not impossible tho. There are some of these actions i just talked about, that if changed, can change the way "Mysteriously" of the girl seeing you.I know several cases of guys that suddenly just got tired of their beloved girl friends and they suddenly got out of friendzone, weird isn't it ?

So guys, don't give up on your dreams and keep chasing these women, no matter how they say you're their friends, there is no such thing. Attraction is Attraction


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