Sunday, January 8, 2012

Floods on Brazil

It's well known that brazil is the country of waters and etc. But what does that matter if the population doensn't take care of those waters ? lately all brazil and all the rest of the world hears in the news is that it is suffering from floods, and floods, and catastrophes of all kinds.Except for vulcans, because we don't have those in here, but i bet if we had, they would probably be exploding aswell, I BET!
I'm particulary tired of going out my home and the streets are filled with water because of the bad management by part of the mayor and stuff. I can't even imagine CAN'T go out because my street is 1 meter of water, and that's what been happening on Minas Gerais, here on brazil.

People's houses are all flooded and they lost lots of expensive things such as televisions, laundry machines, video games, etc. And as if that wasn't enough, here in brazil everybody has the great habbit of being a horrible person, and basically what's been happening is that when the floods occur, hundreds of stupid vandals from everywhere go and pillage the houses. Isn't that great?  We have floods and crime.

I hate my country.

 About floods in brazil, a disaster ocurring lately.


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this is not good!!

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its bad notice

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this is sad :/ hope all is good

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