Monday, January 30, 2012

A boy with a baby


 In Peru a 3 years old boy is going to be submitted to a surgery to take out his TWIN BROTHER fetus, which is INSIDE his belly, Cases like Isbac Pacunda's happen once in every 500 thousand borns, as said the case responsable doctors.
  This fetus weights 0,7 Kg and is 25cm tall, it was detected through exams of echography.Doctors explained that the fetus didn't even grow a brain, heart or lungs, but it had a scalp on his skull, bones of it's inferior and superior limbs and small bones in it's hands and feet.

  This boy lives with his family in a small village, of indians in the rain forest region of Loreto, he must travel 375 Km to the city of chiclayo to reach his destination and have the surgery.
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  I've always wondered if male people could have babies, this is the proof I was right, no matter if it's a case in 500 thousand. I've had several dreams of similar things happening to me, I think I might have a female side inside me, I mean, What male dreams of having a baby ? what the fuck man. I'm out

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