Friday, January 20, 2012

Two weeks left

Finally, unfortunatly, my vacation is almost over, 2 weeks from it. In february my classes come back again and I'm happily, thank you, proud to say that I'm nowhere near anxious for it. Usually when you're in high school you get all nervous and anxious for your return from vacation, when you get to college, ha, friend, thats another story. You know that your painful journey of college work, exams and essays are coming closer and closer and you just can't stand the fact you will soon be on that same routine again and again. The routine of College, at least in Brazil it's pretty much boring and hard, the movies show the opposite on the USA.

The USA's colleges look like fun all the time, 24/7, sex and partying all the time non-stop. That was my dream, to study in a USA's college, to live like in the movies, but I think that's far away for someone who lives in Brazil.

college partying
College partying

Lately I was pretty bored with my course, Biology, passed 1 year and I didn't feel that hard-on when thinking about something you love to study, hence why I'm thinking in changing my course. Maybe psycology people say it's the best for me.

So I hope this semester is better and shows to me I love biology, otherwise I'm damned.

Thank you for reading and that's it for now guys



J. Antonio said...

Very nice post.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Feathers said...

American college life isn't like what you see in the movies....

(It's better.)

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