Thursday, January 19, 2012

Insect Vehicle Insurance ?


Yesterday I hit a plant vase in my house with my beloved Fusca.I'm not a bad driver tho, wanna know what happened ? as I was entering the garage and some BEE came inside my car through the window and simply mashed agains't my face causing me to lose attention and consequentely turn the car over to the right, hitting the vase, isn't that beautiful guys ? ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL ?


So after that happening, and both my parents not believing me, I had to let the car to the mechanic repair. It's going to be 1000$, for a whole new painting.And guess what I don't have over the Fusca ? Insurance. Vehicle Insurance.

I hit a effing vase, got charged for 1000$, because of a bee, and I don't have an insurance. Isn't that fabulous ? Next thing I'm going to do now is search for vehicle insurance here in Brazil, I can't  afford anymore bees entering and hitting my face.

There should be an INSECT DAMAGE VEHICLE INSURANCE, but no, of course that doesn't exist.

Cheers guys, I'm pissed.


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